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Couples & Relationship Counseling

Couples often find themselves feeling stuck, misunderstood, or disconnected, and don’t know what to do. They can feel caught in a repeating cycle, with patterns that might involve feeling alone, attacked, unwanted, unheard, invalidated, shut out, or lacking connection and/or closeness. Some couples find themselves facing a rupture in trust, infidelity, difficulty overcoming a loss, difficulty navigating life changes and transitions, or just feeling like they've lost the spark and are roommates more than partners in love. Other couples would like to learn healthy and meaningful ways to continue to grow and strengthen their relationship, nourish intimacy, and deepen their emotional connection.  
The focus of couples therapy at Maple Ash Counseling and Wellness is to help support couples in understanding how they become ensnared in these patterns. Couples gain insight into what hinders them from doing something different, how to come together as a team to face these problems together, and how to build on already present strengths. 
Aubrey utilizes thoroughly researched and evidence based approaches such as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Gottman Principles.  The hope is that couples feel supported in building a secure, meaningful connection, gain a deeper understanding of their partner, and learn ways to interact with compassion, authenticity, and intimacy.
Aubrey currently serves ages 18 and older, and is happy to provide referrals for clients 17 and younger

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