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Individual Counseling

The focus of individual therapy with Maple Ash Counseling and Wellness is aimed at collaboratively working with each person to help address emotional and mental health needs so that clients may find a sense of relief and improved quality of life. Challenges can take many forms such as stress, life changes, starting a new job, losing a loved one (pets included), moving to a new state, having a baby, starting school, anxiety, depression, distressing life events, grief, loss, or even a traumatic event (and many more). This can also take the form of difficult or strained relationships, whether it be family, friends, dating, partner, or within your marriage.
Aubrey actively works with each individual to better understand the problems they are facing and create a plan to address, manage, and navigate these issues. By utilizing thoroughly researched and evidence based therapeutic approaches, client's are supported in finding the quality of life they wish to see. 
Aubrey currently serves ages 18 and older, and is happy to provide referrals for clients 17 and younger

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